Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu


raisin toast – served buttered with cinnamon sugar 3.5

toast and jam – Turkish bread, rye, gluten free, ciabatta, white bread 4.5

blueberry/apple/mac nut loaf – served toasted w cinn mascarpone, berry coulis 9.5

banana bread treat – with fresh strawberries, mascarpone and maple syrup 9.5







sweet breakfasts

fresh fruit salad – with ‘brook farm’ toasted muesli, honey & natural yogurt 11.95

pancakes (two) – banana, macadamia, caramel sauce & ice-cream 14.5

– mixed berry compote & topped w ice-cream 14.5

french cinn toast – topped w strawberries, banana, mascarpone, t/almonds & maple syrup 14.5


eggs on toast – 3 poached eggs w grilled Roma tomato and sourdough toast 9.5

bacon & eggs – poached eggs w grilled bacon & Roma tomatoes and sourdough toast 12.9

bagel burger – w rocket, avocado, bacon, fried egg, swiss cheese & tomato relish 14.5

Turkish twist – Turkish bread toast w avocado and 2 poached eggs 14.5

savory eggs – tossed eggs w ham, swiss cheese, tomato, shallots, served w sourdough toast 15

egg stack – English muffin topped w mushrooms, scrambled eggs & avocado 15

big breakfast – sausage, bacon, roma tomato, mushrooms, eggs & sourdough toast 19.5


tomato/avoc special – roasted cherry tomatoes, rocket, saute mushrooms, avocado

sprinkled with feta & served w lightly toasted ciabatta bread 14.5

eggs benedict

on toasted Turkish bread w basil pesto and fresh hollandaise sauce

– bacon 16.95

– wilted spinach & char-grilled fresh asparagus 16.95

– smoked salmon 19

breakfast menu for the children

pancake – with ice-cream and maple syrup 8.5

bacon & egg sandwich – w BBQ sauce or Tomato Sauce (toasted extra .50c) 8

Kid’s bacon and eggs – 1 egg, bacon, tomato and sourdough toast 9


rye bread/ Turkish/gluten free bread as an alternative, eggs, scrambled 1.25

hollandaise sauce, cooked tomato, bacon, baked beans, wilted spinach 3.75

mushrooms, avocado, sausage 4.75

smoked salmon 6.75