Premium Merlo Espresso

The Gold Coast’s finest baristas serve exceptional premium Merlo Espresso at The Deck.

Hot Beverage Menucappuccino, flat white 3.75

cafe latte 3.6

mocha, Vienna, chai latte 4

long black 2 shots 3.2

macchiato, short black, Piccolo 3

muggacino, hot chocolate 4.55

lsd – latte on soy & dandelion 4.55

gopi chai tea – pot 5

extras .60 soy/syrups/extra shots/decaf Aromas loose leaf teas 4

Enjoy a cold beverage; smoothie, thick shake, spider, frappe, ice coffee, iced peach or lemon tea or sparkling mineral water

Fresh Just Squeezed Juices also available until 3 pm; jungle juice, the refresher, bittersweet, fruit & veg, hot stuff, v8 & OJ

BYO Corkage $1 per person