Essentials Of A Political Leader

With all the challenges, the world faces, we need political leaders that are up to the mark and prepared for prime time! Unfortunately, people elect leaders who focus more on articulating a populist message, than those, who are well-prepared and are capable of making things well.

In this report, we will attempt to briefly talk about, and inspect, the essentials of a potential political leader like Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

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Personal agenda:

Voters should carefully analyze, and consider, whether a particular candidate’s personal schedule, is focused on self-interest, or, what is the most relevant, sustainable strategy. Hunt elected officials, who care more deeply, about serving the country’s needs, as opposed to personal popularity!


Political priorities often vary, according to one’s perspectives, opinions, and personal priority. Though this is a legitimate way, occasionally, for whom, we vote for, the electorate should move, with their eyes wide open, to be sure, they’re not basing their choice, on some populist message, filled with empty rhetoric and promises.

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While many oppose the present leader, for an assortment of reasons, we often pay, far, too little focus, on the quality of his preparation, and if he devotes to the finest degree of applicable preparation, and understanding!


Public service needs to focus on many nuances, etc., and delving deeply, into the choices, alternatives, and possible challenges, while moving, in a relevant, sustainable way. This must be the constant procedure, we need, from those chosen, to serve and represent us!


There is a big difference between vacant rhetoric, and populist promises, when compared with developing policies, that might make a substantial difference, for the better.

Writen by James Peters