How HVAC Maintenance Can Save You Money

Among the concern of daily life, most of the people are not quick to resolve on such common matters as the health of the HVAC system. But if you expect your HVAC systems to keep heating and cooling your homes and not suddenly saddle you with a repair bill, you have to keep them as well maintained as you keep your automobiles.

To prevent the HVAC system repairs, getting the HVAC maintenance services from a reputable HVAC servicing provider on monthly basis is the key. If you are looking for an affordable HVAC repair company then you can also browse Here are some HVAC elements that need regular maintenance and specifically what that maintenance consists of.

Heating Equipment

Boilers, oil-fired furnaces, and heat pumps need an annual maintenance check, while cleaner operating gas-fired equipment needs a proper checkup every other year. But in every case, an HVAC servicing company will examine for leaks, rust, cleaning, dirty filters, and repair parts as necessary.

In an air and hot water boiler systems, the professional will also examine the ductwork or pipes, registers or radiators, blowers or pumps as well as the gas meter, oil tank, and fuel line where applicable. The professional will also inspect the furnace, heat pump or boiler parts to check for excessive wear and corrosion. Finally, the professional will check for sufficient draft using smoke pencils and monitor the carbon monoxide level. You can also check out boiler repair Suffolk County companies to get the best repair services.


In the forced air systems, HVAC professionals will maintain blower lubricating its axel, cleaning the dust from around the machine, cleaning its fan blades and checking to detect if the blower motor is more loaded. The professional will also examine the blower’s fan belts for fraying.

After examining the blower, the professional will make sure that the ductwork in the heated region remains correctly sealed and that ductwork in the non-heated region remains correctly insulated. You can also read this blog to get more knowledge about HVAC maintenance.

Writen by James Peters