Some Prevalent Teenage Birthday Party Ideas For Your Teen Girl

Birthday parties are in abundance, you must have heard this line so many times from family and friends. But on needs to see all the aspects and act accordingly.

You need to see your child’s interest, taste and age of course.

Below in the article, a few popular kid’s party ideas are mentioned for your consideration, so do read them carefully:

• Mall Scavenger Hunt: Teenage girls love to shop, hang out with friends, doing chits chat, etc. You can pick mall hunt theme this time. This idea will certainly work.

1. This idea is appropriate for teenage girls aged between 12 and 16 years old. Go to the mall and tie-up with some shopkeepers, hide some items like cosmetics for children, water-based nail polish for kids, piggy paint, etc. and ask your girl and her friends to search where you have hidden them.

Kids makeup

2. Believe it…IT will be fun.

3. Place some price on the winner, you can offer coupons of pizzas or can take them to the food joints and ask them to order any dish of their choice.

• Spa Party: Spa party is an evergreen idea. Girls love to get spa and do makeup like their moms. Nothing gets better than a spa party! What do you say?

1. Visit the best kid’s cosmetic shop nearby or the best parlor where you could pick up a variety of products or a few sampler packs.

2.In some shops, you will able to get tween cosmetics line, facial masks for tweens, chocolate facial masks, water-based nail polish for kids, organic nail polish and so on. You won’t have any problem in organizing such party.

3. On her birthday, call all her teenage friends for a home pampered spa experience.

4. You can arrange for facial masks at home from home based ingredients.

makeup for children

5. If you need home ingredients recipes for facial mask preparation, just lookout for fashion related useful online resources, since you will get plenty of ideas and simple ones.

6. At the time of spa party, you can serve iced mint tea with fresh mint leaves and rose petals in it.

7. Give the young girls the gear for doing scrub, like a cosmetic cream, eyebrow tweezing and a pedicure.

8. The invitation could obtain that they bring a bathrobe and a scalp cover to complete the appearance and feel.

Writen by James Peters