How To Spend Good Time in Nassau?

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, provides an unusual holiday experience. Often regarded as the playground for the wealthy and famous, the city is really an affordable holiday location for most people.

While you can there by boat, most international travelers often come in by air. The main airport for all foreign flights to Nassau is the city’s foreign airport. Most major airlines offer discounted airfare tickets to reach this exciting place. So there is no shortage of cheap flights to Nassau.

However, when you reach the airport, you will have to hire a car service in Nassau Bahamas to reach your hotel or resort. Also, if you want to travel between the islands you will need to book a water taxi. You can even visit and hire the car service according to your needs.

The city offers many sights and attractions that could make your vacation an enjoyable one. You can even hire Nassau Bahamas limo service to visit the Ardastra Zoo, which is known for its marching monkeys, flamingos, and jaguars.

You can spend your whole day at the zoo without knowing how fast the time has gone. There is an entrance fee that needs to be paid, but it is not really high. You can even visit the 18-acre botanical garden, that is the place to more than 600 plant varieties.

This garden also has lovely fish ponds covering a collection of tropical fish and a man-made waterfall. It allows you to enjoy its peace and rich greenery. Do not forget to visit the Clifton Heritage National Land and Sea Park when you at this amazing place.

You can also enjoy scuba diving and other activities here, along with the coral reefs. While the park will not allow private vehicles inside, it is possible to hire a scooter here to walk around the park. Check here the importance of hiring car service in Nassau.

Last but not the least, one can go for day cruises. There you can hire submarines to see the beautiful marine flora and fauna and rent jet skis.

Writen by James Peters