Bolt is an fully threaded fastener, which is designed purposefully to insert through holes in the assembled parts. They are mostly used for intended to be tightened or released by torquing a nut.

Use Of Bolts:
No doubt,a bolt are used in everywhere such as home plumbing system to office. As well these bolts are used in every household and other applications. Moreover, they are quiet famous in the market because of their productive nature, affordable price and physical properties of the bolts fastners (which is also known as คุณสมบัติทางกายภาพของสลักเกลียว in the Thai language).

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Mostly, bolts are come in numerous types with different diameters such as U-bolt, anchor bolt, carriage bolts, J bolt and hanger bolt as well as it’s price is also vary on the type. Beside, you can also find the bolt that is perfectly fit on your particular application.

Where we use it?
Well, bolts are used in construction projects like in making of the high-rise buildings and structures. Besides, they are used in steel projects such as mounting a bicycle, putting together a swing and many other areas.

Apart from that, there are multiple manufacturer and supplier in the market and you can find the best supplier who will give the best bolt as per your application needs.