Green tourmaline jewelry is also called Verdilite and originates from Sri Lanka and roughly translates as "mixed colored stone". Currently, green gemstones are the most popular gemstones and are classified as semi-precious stones. This gemstone is available in various colors and patterns such as blue, green, yellow, pink, brown, and red. 

Two-colored and multi-colored green gemstones to upgrade your jewelry box are also available, although gemstones with green on one end and pink on the other, or inside and outside, are called "watermelon tourmalines". Some of them change color when viewed from different directions, and such stones are called di-chronic.

For a shiny and smooth look, a special cut is usually required at the right angle. Therefore, buy only from reputable dealers. For example, rectangles, stars, round eggs, emeralds, and ribbons on the opposite side are some desirable pieces for jewelry with green tourmaline. 

In general, this stone is a silicate crystal mineral and is believed to have a therapeutic effect on the body. Apart from this, green gemstones also improve male balance and are beneficial for building endurance sports. 

For day or night making, green tourmaline is a great choice. Green tourmaline, also known as chrome tourmaline, is pleasing to the eye. It resembles pure forest green and has a colorful appearance, which is why it is often referred to as the "Brazilian emerald." Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean your jewelry.