Although a national criminal background search is nearly hopeless. Many businesses advertise that this type of search could be made possible by using their services. One of them is VeriSecure National Fingerprinting Services that are high security fingerprinting products for the identification of a person. Practically speaking, this type of search would entail using records globally or access to the FBI database that homes federal criminal records. 

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The majority of the businesses that promise to offer a nationwide search would have the ability to inquire into the documents in a couple of specific states. In addition to ordinary taxpayers for reference.

The FBI homes the complete national criminal records, but just a little portion of it could be available to licensed researchers. Unless the background check is being conducted to capture a criminal. They also have records of their fingerprints of all criminals. 

Therefore, the researchers can find the FBI to compare a pair of prints to learn whether the person has a criminal background though they'd be not able to get the documents themselves.

Many sites claim to supply a nationwide pre-employment unlawful hunt. Many times, this yields accurate benefits. But also, there are instances when they're not able to look at the documents in most of the nations. 

This may end up being harmful in certain cases like harassment, and drug abuse instances where the organization is not able to understand more about the applicant's right temperament. This may lead to difficulties in the future for the company, the firm, and all of the present workers.