Password security is among the most crucial things in handling your eBiz. Passwords are the first line of protection to protect confidential personal and business data. Surprisingly, some business owners pay attention to the vital safety step. You can also get encrypted password & file storage for storing the data of your Business.

Below are a few tips that are given by different computer security businesses. Each password must meet these minimal guidelines:

1. It ought to contain upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

2. The password must be a minimum of 8 characters but the more the better.

3. It shouldn't consist of dictionary words, names, email addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, home addresses, or phone numbers.

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4. It ought not to utilize generally abbreviated text messaging phrases and letters. All these words and letter combinations are added into the devious password cracking application programs.

5. Don't type passwords into a file and save it on your PC.

6. A different password should be used for every site or accounts.

Here are a few sample passwords in the worst to the top:

• password (the most commonly used of all)

• paSswORd (instance changes but nevertheless spelled properly )

• sParWdRso (scrambled)

• sP5arWdR3so (numbers included )

• sP5ar#WdR3! So (particular characters included )

The use of what are known as passphrases has become popular and is advised by some so-called safety specialists.