A personalized baby gift is one that shows that the giver put some time and thought into arranging. When the parents of the newborn arrive often receive many gifts so why not give something personalized that they will remember you and was to be a keepsake for the baby forever.

A personalized gift could be something practical in nature, like a blanket, comforter, towel, or clothing with the baby's name, date of birth, or place of birth embroidered on the fabric. You can also buy personalized baby gift boxes online as online stores have a variety of them.

baby gift box

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Wooden letters spelling the baby's name is a great gift that can be stuck on the nursery door or the bed of the baby.

A memory box can be individually decorated with the name and date of birth. This box is perfect for storing all special items such as the first lock of hair, the baby's hospital ID, birth certificate, a newspaper from the day the baby is born, and other custom items as the baby grows.

You can add a special touch to a memory box by decorating it as creatively as possible. Why not personalize your gift with the favorite colors of the sports team of the parent of the child? Or in the old school colors?

A personalized baby book that you make yourself or purchase can be invaluable when a baby begins to show an interest in books.