Risk Factors Of Developing Asbestos Diseases

Industrial workplaces such as mines, shipyards, construction sites and railroads are at higher risk because asbestos is used more frequently. That way, people who have worked in these places tend to have a higher risk of contracting the asbestos disease. For this reason, mesothelioma, throat cancer or asbestosis are considered occupational diseases.

Most of the houses, building have asbestos. This can be very dangerous for the person living in that building. You need to remove asbestos from your house to avoid the risk. You can call a professional for asbestos testing of your house. To know about the asbestos testing cost visit https://rynosasbestos.com.au/asbestos-testing/.

There are several risk factors that determine the likelihood of contracting asbestos. This includes the following:

Concentration – Asbestos disease only develops in relation to the level of exposure. There must be a sufficient amount of asbestos in the air we breathe before we even start getting the asbestos disease. If this concentration is not reached, the chances of contracting the disease are very low, even if you have been near a house with a shabby asbestos roof. This is still not enough reason for your body to react violently. 

Duration – Exposure to asbestos lasts relatively long before a person is at risk.

Dosage – There are certain combinations of concentration and duration that limit a person's ability to withstand the disease. After a weakened immune system, a person tends to suffer from an asbestos disease which continues to develop without knowing the existence of the disease.

Asbestos disease is usually dose-dependent. This means that with prolonged exposure, higher doses of asbestos fibres occur. Hence, there is a high risk of infection and disease.