What Is The All On Four Implant Technique?

All four implant techniques is a method of procedure that replaces missing teeth with only four dental implants. Other names for it included the same day and the same smile teeth today. All on Four techniques involve a different angle of the placement of implants compared to traditional implant techniques utilized.

In their traditional dental implants placed into the jaw at an angle of 90 degrees. All Four implants with two of them are still placed in the corner; however, two of them are placed at an angle of 45 degrees (the rear). You can check this out to know about all four implant techniques.

This allows the bridge which was then attached to a significantly more stable than the traditional method. The failure rate decreased substantially along with the opportunity to revoke. Patients who have a bone are not enough to other techniques may be a candidate for the All on Four methods for new angulation.

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Standard implant technique may require 6 implants to support the arch next full 6 months of healing and then a fixed bridge installed placed. An additional bone graft may be required, which in the scheme could mean implants cost more than 6 vs. 4 more dental visits and potentially more bone graft.

Four techniques are not fully present. At this point, it maintains more than 10 years of clinical use in practice. It was first developed in 1990 by the manufacturer of dental implants in conjunction with the Portuguese implant dentist. The result is a breakthrough procedure that is relatively safe, cost-effective, and allows for high-quality dental restorations full without bone graft.

Before the procedure, a series of diagnostic procedures will be required, including an x-ray, CT scan, some impressions, and bone density measurement. Quite a few dentists now have special software to assist with the calculation of pre-procedure.