How to do Lensball Photography with its Supporting Stand?

Lensball photography is an art form that includes many forms. Portrait and landscape lensball photography are the most popular types of photography, which captures a stable image with the help of a lensball stand. Both amateurs and professionals will enjoy certain types more than anyone.

Macro photography

Macro refers to photos taken at close range. The right lensball mount equipment is very important to become a macro lensball photographer. Lensball and lensball stand equipment are required to get advance knowledge to learn.


Although there are various types of action lensball photography, sports photography is the most popular. Photographers must study the subject and anticipate the next steps to get a good lensball shot with its stand. This applies both to sports photographers and those who shoot animals in nature.


This is perhaps the most popular form of lensball photography and certainly the oldest. The subject can be human or animal and how it is seen on the lensball with the hold of its stand. Portrait photography is used to capture the uniqueness of motifs in lensball photography.


This is a unique combination of portrait and landscape photography. Many photos of this style are processed for creative effects in the sunshine, in clouds, or the sunset with the help of lensball stand, so that image will not be fuzzy.