Stone Sealing Prices In Melbourne

Modern architecture makes use of natural stone in a variety of settings including floors, kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas. With homes in Melbourne being no exception, it is logical for people living in this city to require the services of stone sealing – especially since says that stone sealing is essential to the proper care and maintenance of all-natural stone surfaces. 

Research has shown that most Melbourne-based stone sealing professionals utilise the same brand of stone sealing products and make use of similar equipment to complete their work. It has been found that some companies charge a flat fee for their services, ranging from about $250 for small areas, up to $1,500 for a larger area. 

Other companies prefer to charge a fee based on a per square metre to be sealed. This fee reduces as the size of the area sealed increases. These fees start at about $9 per metre square for smaller areas and decrease down to $4 per metre square for larger areas. 

The common characteristics are that the legitimate or well-established companies, although they would appreciate for you to have the flooring properly cleaned and prepared before them completing the sealing process, are willing to ensure the final process is completed by themselves to the required standard. This makes their pricing more competitive as they are ultimately ensuring the final product will meet your standards as well as the test of wear and tear over time. As always, though, be sure to research and obtain quotes from your service provider prior to engaging them. 

interior with stone sealing

image by tommerton2010

inside a room with beautiful stone flooring that has been sealed.