Getting Your New TV Mounted

A lot of people, mount the Plasma or LCD TV in a cupboard or concealed in a cupboard the choice is totally up to you. This may call for creative wiring and may also need you to take steps to improve your remote controller, otherwise, you might not have the ability to change channels or restrain your system. 

If you are mounting it over your chimney, it is recommended you call the installer to inspect the area to be certain it's secure. Most gas fireplaces can cause no difficulties, but a lot of brick fireplaces will be rather tricky to mount your TV also.  

In case you choose to run the wires from the wall while TV installation, then use molding to hide your wires. 


                                                             Image Source- Google

These are plastic moldings that have double-sided tape onto the back so that they stick to the walls, and also you're able to run wires inside of these to hide your wires. 

They can typically be found at the regional hardware shop or an electric shop. They're also paintable so that they will do a very good job of hiding your wires. If you're likely to put a stand under your TV or near a TV, these are a fantastic alternative to running your wires in the wall.